Create and deliver a pitch that is engaging, powerful and moves investors to invest!

In 9 short videos we will coach you to create and deliver a killer-pitch. This is our secret story-telling sauce that we have used to help 500+ startups  raise over $1 Billion (numbers taken from! It is totally FREE (click here to access)If you want to take your pitch a step further click on our Silver & Gold packages at the bottom of the page. 
Silver -  Get digital feedback on two pitches you send to us. 
Gold -   Silver benefits plus a 40 minute Skype coaching session with an Amplify coach.

Here is session 1 as a taster for you.

I used your techniques at a recent FinTech day pitch at Northwestern Mutual - it had a great response! It’s such a differentiator. Seriously, your video course laid the groundwork for something special.
Matthew Kee, CEO of Upper Room Technology

Stewart Bewley, Director of Amplify.

Before coaching for the Startup Accelerators (Google for Entrepeneurs, Techstars, We Work and Microsoft Accelerator) and the the corporate giants of Microsoft & KPMG. Stewart started out life as a professional actor. This experience, combined with his genuine love for people and passion for growing their confidence, makes him one heck of an inspiring, encouraging, and empowering coach. Stewart has led Amplify to coaching on more than 65 start-up accelerators around the world, co-created a graduate story-induction programme for Microsoft, toured the US coaching with Google and works with senior executives at companies like Hitachi, PWC and o2. He’s also a big fan of flat whites, a brilliantly enthusiastic father and husband, and a keen musician.

Amplify Academy overview

Lesson One: The rules of bad pitching.

Lesson Two: Know your Startup story.

Lesson Three: Script Surgery - know what to put in it.

Lesson Four: Storify your script (make us want to listen).

Lesson Five: Posture - stand tall and deliver!

Lesson Six: Breathing - learn how to control your voice.

Lesson Seven: Voice part 1 - train your voice.

Lesson Eight: Voice part 2 (grab the audience's attention).

Lesson Nine: Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Amplify Academy bundles!

Silver Package - £185

  • Access to all 9 lessons
  • Access to online digital feedback. What does this mean? After you have arched videos 1-4 You can upload a 5 minute video to Amplify (via Youtube unlisted or wetransfer, dropbox, etc). We will give you detailed digital feedback on what was great and where to improve. You will then watch videos 5-9 and upload a final video, receiving feedback. This is the kind of feedback our clients get in the room and what makes all the difference for them in front of their audience.

Buy Now (Instant Access)

Over £500 in value.

Gold package - £360

  • Access to all 9 lessons.
  • Access to the online digital feedback in the silver package.
  • You will receive a 40 minute Skype coaching session after video 1 and before you watch sessions 5-9. We will coach you on your presentation. The live coaching is what we are known for and alwasy produces incredible fruit in our startups. You will then send a video of your pitch after video 9.

Buy Now (Instant Access)

Over £750 in value.